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I love shopping! Shop till you drop?

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AVA Hong Kong und FH Trier


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I love shopping – thinking about consumer behaviour in the future

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Cross culture cooperation beetween students from the Hong Kong Baptist University, Academy of Visual Arts (Prof. Mariko Takagi) and Trier University of applied sciences, Intermedia Design (Prof. Tom Hirt)

Living in a modern mega city as Hong Kong, we are surrounded by malls, international brands and endless shopping opportunities seven days a week. Apart from retail shops, online portals and mobile apps give us the chance to consume over the internet and be a part of the production and design process of the products.
Nowadays fashion is affordable and since H&M it seems that there is no excuse for being out of fashion. As Coco Chanel says “Fashion is made to become unfashionable”, if we want to be a fashion victim, we have to change our style with the seasons. But what will be the effect of that kind of consumption? Is sustainable life and being a trend setter mutually exclusive by its nature? In this class we will analyse existing models of sustainable fashion/ consumption and create new visions. This is a project which does not only show an international cooperation but a statement of an up-to-date and important topic.

create information graphics to a self-chosen topic within the mentioned area and arrange in a

- book design (HK)
- magazine (HK)
- campagne (HK)
- mobile app (Trier)
- Website or web special (Trier)
- digital product (Trier)
- Social media campagne (Trier)
- internet community (Trier)
- other innovative digital media systems or cross media systems (Trier)

The result of both classes will be presented in exhibitions in Hong Kong and Germany. The designer of the best work will be allowed fly to Germany respectively to Hong Kong.

This design project will naturally include information graphics, typography and a text work will be necessary as well. Anyhow students are completely free and are encouraged to express themselves on the given topic with whatever means they choose (e.g. text and typography, photography, illustration, collage). Everything is possible that fits to visualise the topic.

There will be three dates for conferences/workshops via Skype
- Beginning of October: Introduction, grouping, first presentation of
research (HK-students)
- Mid-November: Intermediate presentations, research (Trier)
- Beginning of December/January: final presentations (HK), final concept
presentations (Trier)

Course time Hong Kong
first lecture Sept. 6 2011
last lecture Dec. 6 2011
tuesday, 8.30 to 12.20 h Hong Kong time, room 2.15

Course time Trier
first lecture Okt. 6 2011
last lecture Jan. 27 2012

Trier: http://www.intermedia-design.de
Hong Kong: http://ava.hkbu.edu.hk




Hong Kong Baptist University

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