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Miele Moonlight

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FH Düsseldorf

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Green Corprorate Identity



How can design help us to create a better awareness of changes in climate or environmental conditions especially in conurbations? Which tools like media, interfaces or products will help us to educate or stimulate customers and develop their awareness for ecological topics? Electricity is tangible and has no shape. It is one of the most important products of everyday life. According to a study which was realized by the Frauenhoferinstitut for system technology and innovation research there is a rise with regard to the consumption of electricity in houeseholds. Without energy a household can not work.


In cooperation with „Naturstrom AG“ (an electricity provider) came the idea of the concept for the interface Miele Moonlight. This is a touch-screen interface, which is discreetly integrated into the living environment. The Interface is integrated in Mieles corporate design. It was important to design a clear and user-friendly interface. The system is built on two pillars. First, the company „Naturstrom AG“ installed an intelligent electricitycounter in the consumers household and provides a cheaper electricity-price. This price is possible if the company has an engine-overproduction. The second pillar is the „Miele Moonlight interface“ with network-connected Miele-appliances.


During the day the consumer can prepare the appliances (washing machine, dishwasher etc). This means that the consumer fills the washer with laundry and gives the used dishes in the dishwasher. Subsequently, the consumer programs the „Miele Moonlight interface“. If „Naturstrom AG“ sparks the signal for the low savings rate (usually sparks at night), this will be received by Miele Moonlight. From here, the previously programmed appliances get their momentum and turn on automatically. The next morning, the laundry is washed, the dishes are cleaned, etc. The cost savings are motivating for the customers. This cost savings are shown on the display (you can switch and compare between day, month and year). The consumer has an additional control option. The interface shows and calculates the current total power consumption in realtime. This allows to find expensive energy-consumption in a directly way. Benefits and features: With a more even utilization of the power system an overproduction of electricity is counteracted. A saving of energy and CO2 is guaranteed. By directly monitoring consumption and lower power tariff the consumers have cost savings. Moreover it is a nice comfort to save money, electricity and CO2 without great effort.




Christian Motog



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