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Interaktionsgestaltung für Mobiltelefone mit LG Mobile


Mobile content management
The capacity of a mobile phone has drastically increased in parallel with the developing jumps of the mobile phone technology in pastly years. If 20 SMS have fitted earlier on a phone maybe, we store today beside the Short messages also films, music, photos and other data.

We have these data on the way always with ourselves, can sight them, change or share with friends or business partner. However, also the biggest memory card sometimes fail to her border and then we are have to save our informations on a computer if we do not want to loose the data.

Besides, the problem is the interface. For the backup of a memory card we need a computer. Only with the help of this interface we can file the beloved photos permanently. Of course this protection serves as a backup, so that nothing gets lost. But so that we can fill our phone again with new data, the ” old junk ” must stay at home or you have to take a laptop with you.

Also the securing in itself is, actually, a tiresome affair. Connect Computer with mobile phone, push data over there, delete data on your phone , sort data on the computer and burn.

What, if we could also backup files without laptop, everywhere we are. What if we liked to show sometimes just fast to a few friends a video which we have taken up before months with our phone. Download, show, delete, ready. We must carry around the data not for weeks with ourselves, but simply load on demand.

The data is online securely stored for us, for use on demand. This is PLACE.




Daniel Wulf, Rafael Bialowas


LG Mobile

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