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Mobile lighting consultant

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FH Düsseldorf

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Interaktionsgestaltung für Mobiltelefone mit LG Mobile


Scenarios for a mobile enterprise solution

The mobile lighting consultant is a scenario for the use of mobile devices, network infrastructure and software applications to build a holistic enterprise solution suited for business users. This scenario shows an interactive tool for S ales and Customer Relationship Management in a mobile context.

It is an example for the concrete implementation of a mobile enterprise solution portfolio, a combined offering consisting of a device, a network infrastructure and a software framework. It approaches specific business problems with holistic solutions solving needs of owners, stakeholders and users. The goal is to enable enterprise customers to deploy mobile solutions to their employees, tailored to their needs and requirements in daily use.

To provide a realistic context for business requirements as well as for user research and design, the concept is based on the findings from interviews and prototype tests with sales representatives from ERCO. It is adapted to this company’s business context, including business strategy, product range, customer base and user characteristics.

The application takes advantage of an interaction design made for a custom mobile device, such as gestures based on a Multi Touch display, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, and a fast and reliable operating system.

The ERCO sales consultant gains competitive advantage through the availability of business-critical information right on time, the full-featured online catalogue for product demonstration on the customer site, as well as the realtime integration of information systems from the company’s headquarters.




Milan Günther


LG Mobile

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