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Individual Mobile

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FH Düsseldorf

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Interaktionsgestaltung für Mobiltelefone mit LG Mobile


transfer, manage, configurate, control

The “im”-websoftware by LG combines in an easy way the possibility to load software on mobile phones, to administrate own files like videos or photos, to adjust the device to the user’s needs and to keep the overview about phone connections, messages and transferred software.

The mobile phone is connected by USB or WLAN with the computer. Immediately the web software starts and the user will be welcomed by a short list of questions which is needed to create a profile and suggest programs which can be loaded on the mobile phone.
In the transfer mode the connected mobile phone appears on the right side and on the left side the contents of the LG platform are listed. With a transfer button beside every point of the list the user can transmit programs on his mobile phone. For a detailed view the single programs can be clicked.

In the “manage”-mode the user can administer his pictures, videos, music, messages and adresses.

In the area “configurate” the user adjusts his mobile phone to his needs. He has the possibility to change the font-size, set the contrast and brightness, choose ringtones and select a colourtheme. If he changes anything, the mobile-screen changes accordingly, so that the user can check his settings immediately.

To give the user an overview about the use of his phone and his download behaviour, the websoftware shows information about phone connections, sent news and tranferred programs under the option “statistics”.




Sandra Hoferer, Benjamin Arndt


LG Mobile

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Web Design