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SAP model company

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FH Düsseldorf

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SAP visual research interface


SAP is one of the world’s largest software companies and specialist in business solutions. For solution design, prototype development and system validation of new software products, SAP invented a virtual firm, the Model Company. It consists of an international group with subsidiaries in several countries. The Model company contains application data for various business scenarios, used in the development of software and its components. The business processes are designed to reflect real-life business requirements, and have access to many realistic characteristics. As a solution, we proposed a web-based tool for visual data exploration and management, along with Wiki functionality. The most important part is a visualisation of the model company structure, including various types of business objects such as employees, partners, product lines, buildings, invoices etc. We developed four different visualisation techniques for the effective communication of the Model Company data in the relevant contexts. For every business object in the Model Company, integrated Wiki technology provides a platform for non-structured data and the exchange of comments, which extends the pure data management to a useful tool for communication and a collaborative approach to the development of the data.




Milan Günther

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Web Design